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I’m pretty sure it’s the other way around

It was definitely the other way around. Tumblr users are butthurt so they’re pretending they “won” and are shit-posting about how brave and strong they were.

they literally cried and blogged about almost killing themselves and going to hospitals because 4channers posted in their tags for a few hours and tumblr niggas still think they won.

h i l a r i o u s



#Viktor was obviously deeply in love with her #just remember the fact that he took her to prom #even knowing that he could’ve choose any other girl #remember how he forgot about everyone and danced with her all night #remember how he looked at her while saying ‘write to me, please’ #remember how, a few years later #on Fleur’s wedding #he danced with her one more time #probably being conscient that her heart already belonged to Ron #this is why I love Viktor Krum so much #he just enjoyed being with Hermione #and didn’t care about the future #mostly, because she wasn’t going to be a part of his.

(Source: simplypotterheads)

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